About Us

Our History

Lazarus Labs is a nutraceutical company dedicated to the research and development of safe and effective products designed to enhance human health and wellness.

Established in 2003, Lazarus Labs has rapidly grown into a global leader in nutraceuticals, with U.S. headquarters near Atlanta, Georgia and work with multiple GMP certified and FDA licensed and regulated manufacturing/packaging facilities throughout the United States.

Lazarus Labs pioneered the concept of manufacturing and selling alternatives to the most popular prescription medications with the introduction, in 2003, of Phentramin®.

In 2007 we made a major breakthrough with the release of Phentramin-d®. Phentramin-d® is NOT an herbal product or a combination of herbal ingredients, but a scientifically developed dietary supplement.

At Lazarus Labs, we fully realize that prescription pharmaceuticals are necessary and effective for many people. However, we also realize that there is a definite need and place for high-quality products that promote overall health and wellness.

Lazarus Labs products provide several benefits, including:

  • There is no need to consult with a physician for certain conditions.
  • Complete privacy and dignity while addressing personal health issues.
  • No dangerous or unpleasant side effects as found with some alternative products.