Slow & Steady Wins The Race

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Losing weight with a lifestyle that works

There is a myth, a mistake, and a thought traveling through the minds of Americans hoping to lose weight.   And that myth revolves around the idea that it is possible to shed pound after pound instantly without doing any harm to the body.  Well, the truth is that rapid weight loss does do harm, harm that is both psychological and physical. Rapid weight loss is the illusion of health, not the real thing.  Late night television is littered with products that promise a new you overnight.

Promises like these were common during the 19th century and all the way up to the 1940s. They called them “medicine shows,” events where salesmen with supposed miracle tonics that claims to be able to cure diseases, help in weight loss, and revitalize energy were talked up and presented as universal solutions to physical problems.  Advertisements for instant weight loss products that guarantee a god-like body in only a matter of weeks are much like this.  They are the medicine show of our time, filling the heads of consumers and people desperate to lose weight with a dream-come-true formula.

What you need to understand is that slow and steady truly does win the race.  Losing weight at a gradual rate builds lifelong habits that can last your entire life and maintain a fit and thin figure.  Gradual weight loss minimizes trauma to your body where rapid weight loss causes trauma, exhaustion, and never instills within the user the kind of lifestyle adjustments that lead to a figure they can maintain. Liposuction, crash diets, and fast-hitting diet drugs exhaust the body by causing the metabolism to slow down.  When the metabolism slows down, your body doesn’t shed the extra weight even though you are consuming fewer calories.

The slow metabolism burns fat slowly and some people eat even less once this happens in hopes that their metabolism will slow down. When this occurs, the metabolism slows down even more, which further prevents weight loss.
The slow and steady ideology of Lazarus Labs encourages an increased metabolism while gradually reducing calorie intake, creating not only a new body but also a new relationship with food, exercise, and how your attitude can affect your weight. We like to think of it as the “Lazarus Way of Life.”

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