Routine & Habits

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Why your body needs routine for the best weight loss results


It isn’t easy to begin a new (good) habit or free yourself from an old (bad) one.  For many people hoping to lose weight, increase their energy, and better their overall health, it is often their previous habits that prevent them from successfully turning their lives and bodies around.  Have you ever had a friend (or even yourself) say something like, “Tomorrow I start the diet. I’ll jog in a week,” etc.  These are how powerful our existing habits can be and how ruled by our current routines we are.  They create the vicious cycles that we struggle to free ourselves from.  By understanding a little more about the nature of habits, how they form, and what they are, you can better equip yourself with the knowledge of how to lose weight, live healthier, and maintain a positive attitude in the process.

There is a way that habits are formed and routines develop into successful lifestyles.  The things that we think and do can all be described by synapses firing within the brain across neural pathways that have been built by those thoughts and actions.  When you drink a cup of coffee and skip breakfast before work, a synaptic path is created in your brain associated with that action. When you repeat these actions, these synaptic paths become clearer and more fortified.  They become easier to access, heavier, and more prominent to the consciousness.

One of the reasons why bad habits are so incredibly difficult to break is that the synaptic paths built by those habits might weaken, but those synaptic paths never truly go away.  Once a path is created, it stays somewhere in the neural network of the mind.  This is why somebody who is a vegetarian or on a gluten-free diet might see somebody else eating a hamburger and experience flashbacks of consuming a hamburger themselves.  They remember the feeling, and the pleasure they took in their habit.  Some of those people can overcome these memories that are triggered and stored in their weak but still existing synaptic paths, and others give in and fall back into their previous habits.

So, don’t wait until next week to begin the process of redefining your body, image, and walking down the road that leads to a better you.  We understand how insurmountable freeing yourself from your harmful daily habits can be and how frustrating it is to form new, healthy habits, but we promise that if you begin to make those steps, you’ll end up with the mind, body, and spirit you’ve always wanted.  It’s the “Lazarus Way of Life,” and it really works.