Lazarus Labs Loyalty Points Program Details


The Lazarus Labs Loyalty Points program allows you to earn points for certain actions you take on the site. You can earn points for every dollar you spend with Lazarus Labs! Points are awarded based on making purchases and customer actions such social shares, likes, follows, email signups, and referrals!

Benefits of Reward Points for Registered Customers

Once you register you will be able to earn and accrue reward points, which are then redeemable at time of purchase towards the cost of your order. Rewards are an added bonus to your shopping experience on the site and just one of the ways we thank you for being a loyal customer.

Earning Reward Points

Rewards can currently be earned for the following actions:

  • Making purchases, every time you make a purchase you earn points based on the price of products purchased and these points are added to your Reward Points balance.
  • Registering on the site.
  • Subscribing to a newsletter for the first time.
  • Sending Invitations, Earn points by inviting your friends to join the site.
  • Converting Invitations to Customer, Earn points for every invitation you send out which leads to your friends registering on the site.
  • Converting Invitations to Order, Earn points for every invitation you send out which leads to a sale.
  • New Tag Submission Earn points for adding tags to products


Reward Points Exchange Rates

The value of reward points is determined by an exchange rate of both currency spent on products to points, and an exchange rate of points earned to currency for spending on future purchases.

Redeeming Reward Points

You can redeem your reward points in the rewards program widget located at the bottom left of the homepage . If you have accumulated enough points to redeem you will have the option of using points to make exchange for a discount coupon. The option to use reward points, as well as your balance, will be shown to you in the user account information areas. Redeemable reward points cannot be used in conjunction with other offers at this time. Please note that you will not see your points balance on the checkout page until you have acquired enough points to make a purchase. You can however, always check your points balance on your customer account page.

Reward Points Minimums and Maximums

Reward points may be capped at a minimum value required for redemption. If this option is selected you will not be able to use your reward points until you accrue a minimum number of points, at which point they will become available for redemption.

Reward points may also be capped at the maximum value of points which can be accrued. If this option is selected you will need to redeem your accrued points before you are able to earn more points.

Managing My Reward Points

You have the ability to view and manage your points through your Customer Account. From your account you will be able to view your total points (and currency equivalent), minimum needed to redeem, whether you have reached the maximum points limit and a cumulative history of points acquired, redeemed and lost. The history record will retain and display historical rates and currency for informational purposes. The history will also show you comprehensive informational messages regarding points, including expiration notifications. This information can also be seen in the rewards program widget located at the bottom left of the homepage

Reward Points Expiration

Points will expire 1 year from which they were first earned.

Note: You can sign up to receive email notifications each time your balance changes when you either earn, redeem or lose points, as well as point expiration notifications. This option is found in the Reward Points section of the My Account area.

Legal Disclaimer:

When you enroll in the Lazarus Labs Loyalty Points Program ("Program"), you agree to be bound by these Program Terms and Conditions. Lazarus Labs reserves the right at any time and from time to time, without notice, to add to, remove from, change or terminate the Program; for example, we may change the Program benefits, Loyalty Points credit levels, Program affiliations or redemption offers at any time with or without notice and without further obligation or liability to you. Participants are responsible for accessing these sites in order to keep informed of Program features applicable to Participants' rights and responsibilities with regard to the Program. Loyalty Points accrue and may be redeemed in accordance with these Program Terms and Conditions. We may further restrict the Program based on your place of residence.

Accrued Loyalty Points are not property and do not hold any independent monetary value. Loyalty Points are not transferable under any conditions, including upon a Participant's death, as part of a domestic relations matter, or in any other matter, and any purported transfer or exchange of Loyalty Points is null and void. Accrued Loyalty Points may not be combined with any other Program Participant's Loyalty Points. All accrued Loyalty Points will be forfeited upon your withdrawal from or termination of the Program.

Loyalty Points have no monetary value and may not be combined with any other offer, discount, coupon or promotion. POINTS PROGRAM POINTS CAN NEVER BE CONVERTED TO CASH OR REFUNDED, EVEN UPON CANCELLATION OF YOUR ACCOUNT BY YOU OR TERMINATION OR SUSPENSION OF YOUR ACCOUNT BY US.

To the fullest extent allowed by law, Lazarus Labs retains ownership rights in any and all Loyalty Points and grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use Loyalty Points only as specifically designated as part of the Program. In the event that your account is canceled or terminated by you or by Lazarus Labs for any reason, then you will no longer have the right to use any Loyalty Points stored in or otherwise associated with your account, without any compensation to you or any liability of Lazarus Labs. Once Loyalty Points are deleted from your account, they will not be reinstated. Your only recourse and rights, if any, with respect to Loyalty Points obtained by you is to redeem such Loyalty Points in accordance with these Program Terms and Conditions pursuant to eligible redemption offers as specifically designated from time to time in sole discretion of Lazarus Labs.

Your Loyalty Points are accumulated when you purchase eligible goods and services in the amounts and for the terms as specified with each promotion. Such promotions are subject to change with or without notice at any time, and all such purchases will be governed by the Lazarus Labs Terms of Service. Loyalty Points may be used to 'purchase' discounts or coupons on future services. All points will be eligible for use thirty (30) days after issue and will expire one (1) year after issue. For any cancellations of goods or services purchased using Loyalty Points discounts or coupons, any allowable refunds will be issued for the cash value actually paid and will not include the value of Loyalty Points utilized in obtaining such discounts or coupons. We also may remove Loyalty Points from your account if they are posted to your account in connection with an activity that is subsequently voided, canceled or involves a return.

If you believe that you have validly obtained any Loyalty Points that have not posted to your account, then you must contact us within 30 days after the date you claimed to have obtained Loyalty Points. You acknowledge and agree that we may require reasonable documentation to support your claim and our resolution of your claim after our internal customer service review processes will be considered binding and final by you.

By redeeming a Loyalty Points, the Participant releases Lazarus Labs, subsidiaries, and affiliates from any and all liability regarding the Program or any redemption or use of Loyalty Points. Lazarus Labs is not responsible for replacing lost, stolen or mutilated gift certificates, merchandise or anything else obtained by redemption of Loyalty Points.

You are responsible for all taxes, liabilities, surcharges and any other fees associated with participation in the Program.


You acknowledge and agree that the results of our internal customer service review processes will be considered binding and final by you with respect to any and all matters arising from or related to the Program. Lazarus Labs may audit any Participant's account at any time, with or without notice to the Participant, to ensure compliance with these Program Terms and Conditions. Lazarus Labs, in its sole discretion, may cancel, suspend or otherwise limit your access to Loyalty Points stored in your account if there is any suspicious, fraudulent, abusive or unlawful activity associated with your account. If we cancel, suspend or otherwise limit access to Loyalty Points stored in your account, your right to use Loyalty Points stored in your account immediately ceases. We will use reasonable efforts to investigate accounts that are subject to access limitations and to reach a final decision on the limitations promptly. Lazarus Labs reserves the right to pursue legal action in the event of fraud, misrepresentation, abuse or violation of the Program Terms and Conditions.

The Program and participation in the program is subject to the applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the State of Georgia. Void where prohibited.