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Sleep is one of the most important contributors to overall health.  Here’s how to make the most of it.

Weight Loss Program: Sleeping

Sleep habits are as varied as people’s personalities.  And there are many studies that indicate an individual’s likely personality traits by measuring sleep patterns.  The corollary to that is also true – personality can also indicate sleep needs. The facts are that the quantity and quality of sleep is specific to the individual and influenced by a wide variety of factors.  One undisputed truth is that our 21st century lifestyles,stresses, opportunities and distractions are negatively impacting vital sleep needs for a great many people. Compounding the problem are issues with weight, prescription pharmaceuticals, anxiety, and increasingly common sleep disorders like sleep apnea.  In many cases, these factors are related and additive to the challenge of quality sleep for many people. Studies have shown that a very large percentage of people do not get enough good quality sleep.  For most adults, this means 7-9 hours each night.  Many people who claim to need less are often inaccurately measuring or creating a cumulative deficit that can lead to bigger, more serious health issues.

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Hate it – right?  It is arguable that the world’s worst invention was the alarm clock!  Have you ever found yourself thinking back a few generations to that whole “early-to bed, early-to-rise” thing with the vision of blowing out the oil lamp at sunset?  There are days when all adults wish this were true.  But life gets in the way.  Jobs.  Children.  Facebook!  As with most of life, there is no “magic bullet” solution.  Perhaps the biggest challenge for most of us is to recognize that we will be better in so many ways if we improve our sleep patterns.


What to do About It.

Books fill libraries on sleep studies and issues.  Many a PhD has made a career out of trying to define the sleep utopia. There is one key to improving your sleep.  At Lazarus Labs we think a lot about health and happiness issues like weight control, anxiety, diabetes.  It’s all interconnected.  What’s the key? 


Build it into your routine.

Huh?  “Of course it’s a part of my routine!”  “I have no choice!”  “I need to sleep!”  “I sleep when I can!”  “I sleep when I have to.”  “I don’t sleep.” The truth for most people is that sleep is something that fits into the schedule AFTER the rest of the day is done and BEFORE tomorrow’s demands kick in.  We get it. 

But consider this… are you as good/healthy/energetic/efficient/loving/etc. as you could be?  Are you more or less productive at work when you sleep better the night before?  Are you a better spouse?  Parent?  You get the point.

Make sleep a planned part of your routine.  Read it again. Make sleep a planned part of your routine.  

The reality is that if you don’t, the rest of your life’s activities are likely to be less enjoyable, less rewarding and less productive. We all try to be our “best” as much as we can.  For most of us, the one thing we can do to be better in the rest of our lives is to get more or better sleep.  And for too many, it’s both.


The Science of Sleep.

The myriad of variables and personalities associated with sleep is a topic that is in so many ways worth exploring.  Go here, to see a very small list of resources and experts who can provide more information. But we know Lazarus Labs can help too. The ubiquity of prescription drugs has contributed to a dependence – literally or perceptibly to the “need” for a sleeping pill to help with the things we have described. Lazarus LabsSomnaprin™ non-prescription sleep aid is designed specifically to help people who  –  for whatever reason – need the assurance of finding the best night’s sleep.  No negative side effects.  No dependency.  Just help with a good night’s sleep.

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